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Senior Business Intelligence Analyst

Ho Chi Minh City
Work Type: Full Time

We’re looking for a seasoned and passionate data guru to join our fast growth digital health venture as full-time Data Science, Engineer. In this role, you will contribute to, build and manage the data infrastructure of our global health tech mobile platform.

About Elfie

Elfie has the ambitious mission to save millions of people every year. Our vision is to provide a holistic and gamified solution to chronic diseases, the silent killers of our generation.

25% of all people die from a chronic disease (hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol). The good part is that it could be avoided if people followed their doctor's prescription and lifestyle recommendations. The sad part is that they don't due to lack of awareness of danger, unwillingness to change lifestyle,  and costs to follow treatment (lifelong). 

Elfie is a chronic disease management application that gamifies self-monitoring and supports patients across the world. It is promoted by 10,000s doctors and endorsed by healthcare leaders.

You can access the Elfie app here (geofenced): https://testflight.apple.com/join/gLBNXl2Q



The role is critical as it helps integrate, organize, monitor, scale and analyze the health & performance datas on which rely our patients and partners.

  • Collecting and analyzing large health-related data sets to identify trends, patterns, and insights that inform business decisions.
  • Creating and maintaining reports, dashboards, and data visualizations that provide clear and concise insights to business partners.
  • Working with cross-functional teams to identify opportunities for improving health outcomes, patient experiences, and operational efficiency.
  • Identifying data quality issues and working with other teams to address those issues.
  • Conducting ad-hoc analysis and producing reports as required to support business operations.
  • Staying up-to-date with industry trends and emerging technologies in the field of healthtech and data analysis.
  • Developing and delivering presentations to senior leadership and stakeholders on business insights and recommendations.


Analysis skills:

  • Strong analytical skills and 8+ years of experience with data analysis tools such as SQL, Excel, Data Studio, Domo, Power BI, or other BI tools.
  • Ability to translate complex data into visually appealing and meaningful insights and communicate those insights effectively to technical and non-technical stakeholders.
  • Experience working with health-related data sets such as electronic medical records, claims data, or patient-generated data.
  • Strong attention to detail and ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously.


Soft skills:

  • English fluent (written and spoken)
  • Business acumen: it is important to anticipate and understand business decisions to be made in order to capture, structure and visualize the necessary information.


  • Growth ambition: early-stage ventures like Elfie require a team with the ambition to grow and succeed;
  • Accountability and precision: any data and analytics role requires strong maths skills, a high degree of abstraction, and accurate data manipulation under stress;
  • Team spirit: as part of a distributed team (remote working, multiple countries), it is the responsibility of each team member to reach out and support one another.

What's great about this role?

  • Work with a team of talented, and committed, software engineers, to deliver products that you can be proud of,
  • Use modern technologies, with influence on technical orientations and decisions
  • Measure and improve a product that has a positive impact on people's health, worldwide, and is backed by large healthcare corporations and institutions,
  • Global footprint (Latin America, Southeast Asia) with roll-out plan in Europe for 2022 
  • Senior leadership team with successful previous exits,
  • Global job contract and competitive compensation & benefits,
  • Fantastic office in WeWork D1


What's difficult about the role?

  1. Our Vietnamese team is very good so they will have high expectations in expertise and work ethics.
  2. We are building advanced capabilities that doesn't exist anywhere in the world: you will have to challenge yourself to find a solution

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